Designed to minimize bench space and maximize utility, the FiberForge™ is a useful platform for research activities, new product development, and the manufacturing of both standard and novel fiber components. As new applications and markets emerge, there is a need for a versatile method of "forging" new tools.

User-friendly software provides customization of many parameters, allowing unique combinations of heating and pulling. Fiber diameters from 80µm to 400µm can be processed with the FiberForge, covering most fiber optic applications.

Lightel has over a decade of experience in the design and manufacture of coupler workstations for fused biconic taper (FBT) applications. Based on the proven technique of using a high temperature flame as the heating element, our equipment supports the production of commercialized telco and R&D activities worldwide.

Model number FF-280
Input AC 90-240V, 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption 100W Max (with 4 UV lamps on)
Dimensions 370.7mm(W) x 208.5mm(H) x 312.9mm(D) w/o windshield
Weight ~28 lb (12.5kg)
Built-in Computer
Processor Genuine Intel ATOM
Memory 2GB DDR2
Storage SSD
Serial port (RS232/RS485) Up to 2, 1 occupied
Video out Standard D-Sub
LCD monitor External
6 total for pulling, torch, and package movements respectively
Pulling length 40mm, maximum span 50mm
Power Meter
Channels 2 channels standard, 3 optional
Detector wavelength range 800nm to 1700nm
Large dynamic linear power range -70dBm to +5dBm
Gas and Mass Flow Controller
Flow rate 0-300sccm
Gas input 25-125psi
Additional digital MFC and oxygen diffuser
Vacuum Pump
Power DC24V, 3 channels, 250mA/ch, 750mA total
UV Lamp
UV source UV LED
UV wavelength 365nm (UVA)d
Channels Up to 4 channels
Hydrogen Generator
H2 purity >99.999%
H2 flow rate 0-500 ml/min