Passive Components

1310nm, 1480nm & 1550nm Polarization Beam Splitter/Combiner

Central Wavelength (λc) 1310nm, 1480nm, or 1550nm
Band Width ± 40 nm
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.6 dB (0.4 dB typ.)
Extinction Ratio ≥ 20 dB (25 dB typ.)
Directivity ≥ 50 dB
Return Loss ≥ 45 dB
Fiber Type of Port 1 & 2 PM Panda Fiber
Fiber Type of Port 3 SMF 28e or PM Panda Fiber
Maximum Power 300 mW
Fiber Tensile Load 5 N
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Package Dimensions 5.5mm (Φ) x 35.0mm (L)
Note1: All values specified are without connectors.
Note2: Higher performance specifications available upon request.