Passive Components

Fiber Optic U-Turn

Lightel offers a fiber optic device which enables the user to perform a 180 degree bend in a compact 4mm diameter package for both single mode and multimode fiber. The unit has negligible insertion loss and its wavelength sensitivity is only dependent upon the fiber used. This compact device is ideal for fiber re-routing in complex optical systems where space and input/output location are critical. The device also has use as a turnaround in fiber optic sensor systems and compact test equipment.


  • 180° turn in small 4mm diameter
  • Supports both single mode and multimode fiber
  • Negligible insertion loss & wavelength insensitive
  • Supports bi-directional traffic
  • Compact package
  • Custom packages and customer specified fiber available
Parameter Specification
Bandwidth ±30 nm
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.8 dB
PDL (SM) ≤ 0.05 dB
Operating Temperature 0° C ~ + 85° C
Storage Temperature -40° C ~ + 85° C
Package Dimensions 4 mm (Φ) x 17 mm (L)
Note1: All values specified are without connectors.