Passive Components

Fiber Bragg Grating Mirrors for Fiber Lasers

  • Wide Reflectivity and Bandwidth Range
  • Large Variety of Fiber Types
  • Precise Wavelength Matching of HR & OC Mirrors
  • Packaging Options: Recoated FBG or Heat Dissipative Package
  • Custom Design upon Request

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) mirrors in a fiber laser system are distributed reflectors fabricated in an optical fiber that permit the reflection of particular wavelengths and the transmission of the remainder. FBG mirrors can be utilized as a high reflector (HR) and low reflectivity output coupler (OC) to produce a laser cavity in a fiber laser. No alignment is needed for this all-fiber system when compared to a free space mirror approach.

Lightel’s FBG mirrors have been optimized to address the requirements of low noise and high efficiency fiber laser applications. Lightel’s FBG mirrors feature low thermal slope, precise wavelength matching with a wide reflectivity and bandwidth range. Our process also allows us to fabricate FBG mirrors on a large variety of standard, custom or harsh environment fibers. Lightel’s FBG mirrors can be delivered in our high-power thermal dissipative package (also provides mechanical and shock protection and reduced wavelength drift) or simply re-coated with a rugged low index polymer. We can also write the FBG mirrors on the output fiber of the pump combiner, thereby eliminating a splice, increasing the fiber laser assembly reliability and reducing assembly time.

Components of a Fiber Laser

Parameter Specification
Port Configuration 1x1
Wavelength 1064 ± 1 nm or 1080 ± 1 nm
Reflector Type HR OC
Reflectivity ≥ 99.5% 5 - 30%
Bandwidth 2 - 3 nm 1 - 2 nm
Wavelength Mismatch (HR relative to OC) ≤ 0.2 nm
Pump Pass Efficiency ≥ 98%
Package Size Recoated or 60 x 12 x 6.5 mm
Pigtail 1 m
Operating Temperature 20 - 23°C
Fiber/Power Handling LMA-GDF-10/130-M ≤ 10W
PASSIVE-14/250DC ≤ 1 kW
LMA-GDF-20/400-M ≤ 2 kW