GPST-1000 Gliding-Plasma Based Fiber Coating Stripper

Fiber Coating Stripper

Based on our Gliding-Plasma Stripping Technology, Lightel has developed the GPST-1000 stripper for quick and easy optical fiber coating stripping. The GPST-1000 allows operators to effortlessly strip almost all types of fiber coatings, including the most stubborn ones such as carbon or polyimide.

This unit supports both end-stripping and window-stripping with adjustable stripping lengths. The strip is clean with sharp edges and its non-contact process eliminates the risks associated with chemical stripping and blade-based mechanical systems.

Product Features

  • Ideal for fiber preparation before fusion splicing, fiber connectorization, and the writing of Bragg gratings
  • Strips almost all types of fiber coatings for all fiber sizes, including dual-layer coatings
  • Supports either window-stripping or end-stripping
  • Adjustable stripping length
  • Sharp stripping edges
  • Harm free: No chemical etching or possible mechanical damage to the fiber
  • Simultaneous cleaning by the hot flow of gliding plasma
  • Software adjustable parameters
  • Fully automated with storage up to 12 programs
  • Multiple fiber stripping options
Acrylate Coated SMF-28 Fiber
Acrylate Coated SMF-28 Fiber
Fluoroacrylate Coated 20/250 DCF
Fluoroacrylate Coated 20/250 DCF
Hard Polymer Coated Fiber
Hard Polymer Coated Fiber
Polyimide Coating  Fiberr
Polyimide Coated Fiber
Applicable Coating Polyimide / Hard Polymer / Silicone / Acrylate/ Metal / Dual-Layer Coated / etc.
Cladding Diameter Range 80 ~ 1200 µm
Window Strip Length 5 ~ 100 mm
End Strip Length 2 ~ 15 mm
Stripping Time Acrylate:              ~ 15s for 10mm
Hard Polymer:  ~ 15s for 10mm
Polyimide:           ~ 125s for 10mm
Fiber Strength 125µm > 400kpsi / 80µm > 250kpsi for 15mm (acrylate)
Operation Interface 4.3 inch Touch Panel (Option: USB)
Power Input AC 100 ~ 264 V (50 or 60 Hz)
Power Consumption 350 W
Dimensions Main:                471mm (W) x 365mm (D) x 225mm (H)
Air Module:  332mm (W) x 245mm (D) x 116mm (H)
Weight Main:                18.5Kg
Air Module:  5.6Kg