Passive Components

2000nm High Power Pump and Signal Combiners

These pump and signal combiners can be used for high power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers specially designed for use at the 2000nm wavelength. They can be used to combine several pump lasers and couple that power with a seed signal.


  • High Power
  • Low Excess Loss
  • High Directivity
  • Stable and Reliable


  • Laser Positioning
  • High Power Fiber Lasers
Parameter Specification
Port Configuration (1+1)x1 or (2+1)x1 (6+1)x1
Pump Wavelength 800 nm ~ 1000 nm
Signal Wavelength 1900 nm ~ 2100 nm
Signal Input Fiber (Note 3) x/125 or x/250 x/125 or x/250
Pump Fiber 105/125 0.15NA/0.22NA or 200/220 0.22NA
Output Fiber (Note 3) y/125 or y/250 y/250
Pump Efficiency (Note 4) >90% >93%
Signal Insertion Loss <0.5 dB <0.7 dB
Total Power Handling 200W 600W
Return Loss >45 dB
Pigtail Standard 1m or custom
Operating Temperature 0~75°C
Storage Temperature -40~85°C
Note 1: Values are referenced without connectors.
Note 2: Other package dimensions and optical performances available by request.
Note 3: x, y specifies fiber core size.
Note 4: Fiber and size dependent.