Passive Components

Cladding Power Strippers

Cladding Power Strippers (CPS) can be used for high power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers to strip unwanted cladding light from dual clad fiber (DCF).


  • High Stripping Efficiency
  • Low Signal Loss and Beam Quality Degradation
  • High Extinction Ratio (for PM Fiber)
  • Stable and Reliable


  • High Power Fiber Lasers
  • Fiber Amplifiers
Parameter Specification
Port Configuration 1x1
Signal Wavelength 800 nm ~ 2000 nm
Pump Wavelength 800 nm ~ 1000 nm
Signal Fiber (Note 2) x/125 x/250 x/400
Cladding Attenuation >20 dB >18 dB >18 dB
Signal Insertion Loss <0.13 dB
Power Handling (Note 3) 20W 100W 1000W
Polarization Extinction Ratio (PM fiber) >17 dB (Input PER >25 dB)
Return Loss >45 dB
Pigtail Standard 1m or custom
Operating Temperature 0~75°C
Storage Temperature -40~85°C
Note 1: Values are referenced without connectors.
Note 2: x specifies fiber core size.
Note 3: Bottom side of these devices must be mounted on a heat sink with good heat conduction. For cladding power >200W, water cooling is required.