Inspection, Cleaning, Test

ArrayView™ AV-4800

Lightel's ArrayView is a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to inspect your MTP connectors.

Designed with both accuracy and speed in mind, the ArrayView automatically completes a scan and capture of the entire connector endface in under 15 seconds.

The included software provides a high-resolution image of the entire connector endface, capturing up to 48 fibers in a single file. An image sub-view beneath the main window allows for easy navigation between all fibers in the connector. Image captures can be saved at any time for documentation purposes.

ArrayView's™ software is resource-friendly and can be used on just about any Windows®-based computer.


  • Quickly and easily capture images to the screen
  • Clean fibers without removing connector from station
  • Zoom control to view multiple fibers or a single fiber at a time
  • Easily navigate across the entire connector by point and click
Overview of the AV-4800

AV-4800 Specifications
Single frame Field of View
Total (merged) Field of View
1.52mm x 1.14mm
4.5mm x 1.14mm
Theoretical Resolution
Detectable Resolution
Digital Zoom 6x maxium zoom
Focus Manual adjustment range : ±1.0mm
Y-Axis Adjustment (on connector holder) Manual adjustment range : ±1.0mm
Camera 5MP CMOS, USB output
Captured Image Size 7776px x 1944px
Axial Light Source Blue LED
Power Supply 24V DC, 1.3A
Dimensions 128mm (W) x 113mm (H) x 214mm(D)
Weight 2.4kg
Supported Operating Systems
(ArrayView Software)
Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8® 32-bit and 64-bit processors
Recommended minimum Display pixel size 1280px x 800px or
1366px x 768px