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The DI-1000L-PRO combines the all-digital wide-view DI-1000L microscope with our ConnectorView™ Plus v2 Pass/Fail software for fast objective analysis of fiberoptic connector endfaces. Powered by it's direct USB2.0 connection to your PC, the DI-1000L-Pro can provide you with automatically centered Analysis Reports and Summary Reports in Excel or text.

The DI-1000 uses Series 2 inspection tips, and can also use all our CI-1000 tips with an optional adapter.


  • Fast, easy focus
  • One hand operation
  • Auto-centered Analysis Reports
  • Analyze live or frozen images
  • Include notes with your Analysis Reports
  • Use IEC 61300-3-35 analysis criteria, or set your own
  • Inspect patchcords (male) and in-adapter connectors (female)
  • Direct USB2.0 connection to PC
  • Powered by USB connection
  • Built-in freeze/capture button
  • Digital zoom
  • Comprehensive line of tips
Field of View ~680µm x 510µm
Resolution 0.5µm detectable
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Focus Manual adjustment, 2mm max travel
Dimensions 35mm diameter x 175mm length (without tip)
Light source Blue LED
Power Supply USB port of PC
Package Contents
Package Description
DI-1000L-PRO 1 USB2.0 digital inspection wide-view probe
1 Universal tip for 2.5mm male PC type connectors
1 Universal tip for 1.25mm male PC type connectors
1 Tip for SC and FC female PC type connectors
1 Tip for LC female PC type connectors
1 Small tip box
1 Soft carrying case for DI-1000 series
1 ConnectorView Plus v2 software CD and dongle
Key Options
"Hot" fiber filter Inspect live fiber connectors. Useable to at least 20dBm.
(Higher power would not damage the unit, but may not provide useful images.)
Tip adapter Use any CI-1000 tip with the CI-1100
Note: Lightel offers more than 120 Series 2 tips for the DI-2000, DI-1000, DI-1000L-PRO, DI-1000MPO+, DI-1000-WIFI and CI-1100.