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Digital Inspector

The DI-1000 and DI-1000L-PRO inspect fiber optic connector endfaces, providing clear sharp digital images on your Windows® PC. The DI-1000 and DI-1000L-PRO use LIGHTEL's Series 2 Tips and come with a soft case designed to fit easily into a standard laptop case.


The DI-3000 features embedded WiFi and autofocus probe, eliminating the need for direct USB connectivity to display devices. User can effortlessly inspect, store, certify and analyze fiber optic connectors.

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The DI-2000 features rapid one-touch autofocus, an LED indicator that changes to green when focus is achieved, and a built-in flashlight for poorly-lit closets and data centers. The unit connects to and is powered by a standard PC USB2.0 port.

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The DI-1000 connects directly to your PC through the computer's USB2.0 port. Powered by the USB connection, it features an ergonomic design, built-in image freeze/capture button and digital zoom through our free ConnectorView software.

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Powered by your PC's USB port, the DI-1000L-PRO provides automatically-centered analysis reports with its included ConnectorView Plus Pass/Fail software.

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The DI-1000MPO+ incorporates the same features and uses the same single fiber tips and accessories as the popular DI-1000, but adds additional X- and Y-direction scanning knobs enabling the user to scan in both directions with just one hand.

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Connecting the DI-1000-WIFI to a DI-1000 probe converts the probe's USB video output into a wireless signal, enabling users to view live images of a fiber endface on their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Connector Inspector

Our Connector Inspector video microscopes feature a hand-held probe which enables inspection of both patchcords and hard-to-reach in-adapter connectors.
Connector images can be captured and stored on your PC with an optional USB2.0 adapter.

CI-1100 Connector Inspector


The CI-1100-A2 includes a fold-up 3.5" LCD monitor, a charger/adapter and a carrying case. The CI-1100-AB2 also includes a USB2.0 adapter and ConnectorView software to display and capture images onto a PC.

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The CI-1000 is no longer available, although Lightel continues to offer support and many accessories for the unit. For new or replacement tips, please visit our Series 1 Tips page for ordering information and availability.

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Lightel's benchtop scopes use a USB connection to Windows®-based PCs and tablets to view and save clear detailed images of connector endfaces. Our benchtops provide cost effective innovative solutions for inspecting connectors where standard Fields of View may not be adequate. Each benchtop scope comes with easy to use software designed to take best advantage of that scope's capabilities.

FiberView FV-3100

The FV-3100 is a benchtop digital microscope designed for inspecting and capturing images of large core fiber. The large 1400µm x 1000µm Field of View enables inspection of fibers as large as 1mm, with digital zoom available for more detail.

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Software, Tips, Accessories, & Cleaning

Lightel offers a variety of products to keep your Lightel video microscope a vital tool as your inspection needs grow or change. With more than 140 inspection tips, Pass / Fail analytical software, integratable power meters and more, Lightel is an industry leader in providing innovative, expandable solutions.

ConnectorView Software

ConnectorView Plus software is designed for users needing portable automated Pass / Fail software to check for fiber optic connector endface contamination. Whether you want to improve objective evaluation of connector cleanliness in the field, train others to recognize acceptable standards, or improve documentation, ConnectorView Plus is designed to save time and improve your accuracy.

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Series 1 Tips

LIGHTEL currently offers more than 60 standard and specialty tips for our Series 1 video microscope probes (black colored probes). All listed tips fit the CI-1000 and VC-6100-PL probes. These tips can be used with the CI-1100, DI-1000 or VC-6200-PL probes (gray colored probes), by using a PT2-CI/ADAPT adapter.

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Series 2 Tips

LIGHTEL currently offers more than 120 standard and specialty tips for our Series 2 video microscope probes (grey colored probes). All listed tips fit the DI-1000, CI-1100 and VC-6200-PL probes. (These tips cannot be used with the CI-1000 or VC-6100 probes - black colored probes.)

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LIGHTEL offers a variety of products which can add new functionality to your inspection products.

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LIGHTEL offers a variety of quality fiber optic cleaning products to complete your own custom Inspection and Cleaning kit. Contact LIGHTEL or your local LIGHTEL Distributor for assistance and recommendations.

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ViewConn® Accessories

ViewConn Tips

All ViewConn tips are designed for inspecting patchcords (male connectors). Most tips are universal tips for that ferrule size and polish type. Tips are available for both the VC-6100 and VC-6200 models.

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Power Meters

The VC6-OPM and VC6-OPM-H are optical power meters designed to integrate with ViewConn® so you can inspect, clean and test with a single device. With 6 calibrated wavelengths, the power meters are able to store 999 readings and can download the results to text or Excel files.

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