Passive Components

High Power Laser Combiners

Lightel's pump combiners are available with modified packaging to combine several single-mode lasers into a multimode transmission fiber to achieve a laser power output in the range of several kilowatts to 10,000 watts. A visible light beam can be added to the output delivery fiber for guidance in the machining process.


  • High Coupling Efficiency
  • Modified Packaging for High Power Delivery
  • Stable and Reliable
  • Custom Configurations Available


  • High Power Fiber Lasers
  • Industry Laser Processing
Parameter Specification
Port Configuration 4x1 6x1 (4+1)x1 (6+1)x1
Laser Wavelength 1030nm ~ 1080 nm
Laser Input Fiber (Note 3) x/125 or 20/400
Output Fiber BD-S100/120/360-STN
Laser Transmission Efficiency (Note 4) >95%
Total Power Handling 3,000W 5,000W 10,000W
Pigtail Standard 1m or custom
Operating Temperature 0~75°C
Storage Temperature -40~85°C
Note 1: Values are referenced without connectors.
Note 2: Other package dimensions and optical performances available by request.
Note 3: x specifies fiber core size.
Note 4: Fiber size and type dependent.