LTL-H2-500 Hydrogen Gas Generator

The LIGHTEL LTL-H2-500 is a high-purity hydrogen gas generator designed for gas chromatography and other applications. As a gas source, this generator has been widely used with LIGHTEL's flame-based optical fiber fusion workstations to produce fused coupler/taper products with high quality and high reliability.

The LTL-H2-500 is based on the electrolytic principle, utilizing potassium hydroxide as the electrolytic solution and a noble metal as the electrode. Hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of distilled or de-ionized water. A membrane-separation method then fully separates the hydrogen and oxygen. The transient metal catalytic technology adopted in the electrolytic cell allows an excellent gas purity of hydrogen with an oxygen residue < 3PPM.

H2 Gas
Hydrogen Purity 99.999%
Oxygen Content <3 PPM
Water Content Dew Point -56°C
H2 Flow Control
Flow Rate Range 0-500 ml / min
'Low' Pressure Range Setting 0 - 2 (or 0~0.2) Kg / cm2 (or MPa)
'High' Pressure Range Setting 0 - 4 (or 0~0.4) Kg / cm2 (or MPa)
Pressure Stability <0.001 MPa
Power Supply 110 or 220 (±10%, 50Hz) V
Power Consumption 250 W
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature 5-40 °C
Relative Humidity <85%
Outer Dimensions 370 x 330 x 180 mm
Net Weight ~ 10 Kg